Path To Peace: A Great Example of the impact of trade on Poverty Eradication.

This evening I attended the Macy’s Rwanda Path to Peace (#Path2Peace) 10th anniversary celebration in New York City and all I could think about was the impact this partnership has had on our family and over 3000 others in Rwanda.  Simply put Path to Peace has changed our lives for the better.  

Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren and Gahaya Links Co-founder Janet Nkubana 

Willa Shalit, co-founder Path to Peace and Janet Nkubana showcase Path to Peace Commemorative baskets. Terry Lundgren with his staff and shield 😃

Macy’s CEO Terry receives Imanzi shield as a token of thanks for standing with Rwandan women for 10 years.   

Path to Peace Collection by Gahaya Links now at numerous Macy’s stores and at  

The story of Gahaya Links and the thousands of women across Rwanda trained and empowered is truly remarkable.  These women are my role models and heroes because they represent what hardwork to continuously deliver quality products,  for this long is no easy thing!   The women of Gahaya Links can now afford health insurance, afford good schools for their children, put food on the table every day, improve quality of products, life skills such as hygiene, savings/banking (some even have a Visa card, meaning they can afford services and tools like many around the world😃😃🙌🏾🙌🏾).

What Gahaya Links and Macy’s have done for 10 years has never been done before between a country and a company like Macy’s, and goes to show business i.e. Trade NOT aid is definitely the surest way to go for sustained economic development in Rwanda/Emerging markets.   

Here’s to the next 10 years of Path to Peace Rwanda – Macy’s WINNING partnership.   

Visit for more information.  Please support the work by buying a basket at (in home).  


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