Rwanda: Progress is the only choice as we head to the polls. 

When it comes to our choice for President on August 4th, there’s only one choice:  Truthful NOT neutral. 

This is my 7th year of living in Rwanda and I’ve had a front row seat at many milestones.  

I look forward to sharing my truth and why there’s only one choice, for me at least and anyone who wants to see continued progress.  

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Celebrating others feeds your soul – JUST DO IT.  Happy Tuesday/Week. 

I find JOY in seeing and hearing of people being happy and success as much, if not more than mine.   

My prayer is that we relieve ourselves of the burden of hate and envy. Only then shall we truly and fully experience peace of mind which bring JOY – that sweet happiness which radiates from your soul and is NEVER stolen by whatever evil comes your way.  

Guard your mind, heart and soul jealousy, you’ll love what happens to your spirit. 

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Gatsibo District, an example of what Servant #Leadership can achieve.  

Gatsibo district continues to shine and has been doing so since my dear brother Richard Gasana became Mayor.  Anytime, an institution/people are achieving, it is a testament to leadership.   

According to the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) 2016 scorecard, Gatsibo emerged 1st among 30 districts in good service delivery to citizens.  #WINNING 

Mayor Richard Gasana and his staff received certificates for their exemplary service.   This is why RGB chose to launch Nk’uwikorera’s second phase in Gatsibo, according to RGB CEO Mr. Shyaka. 

Keep up the great work Mr. Mayor – you make us proud each day.  Here’s taking Gatsibo District to more number one spots😃, InshaaAllah.

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Eid Mubarak…

to you Muslim brothers and sisters.  To you who were able to fast/worked to do good deeds because you couldn’t fast, may The Almighty God accept our fast and answer each and every one of our secret prayers.  

May we all continue to pursue that which is good and builds us up.  I especially wish all of us INNER PEACE which passes understanding and, rests the heart, mind and soul, Ameen. 

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#Kwibuka23: We MUST do more to preserve the memory of our loved ones. 

As the curtain of 100 days of commemoration on this 23rd anniversary of the Genocide Against the Tutsi draws to a close, I finally had the courage to visit Kigali Genocide memorial after nearly 4 years.

Last Sunday, alongside few of the Girls in ICT, we went to pay our respects and look into ways ICTs can contribute in preserving the memory of our loved ones. It never gets easier!

We left inspired to do more around Rwandans financially supporting the memorial activities to ensure we develop and own the content collected.

As it is today, all audio-visual , archive are funded by donors mobilized by Aegis Trust, a british based non-governmental organisation that strives to prevent mass atrocity and genocide through education.I applaud their efforts and achievements to-date, they’ve done a great job working under National Commission for the Fight Against Genocide (CNLG).

However, I believe there’s more which can and must be done by Rwanda funds to ensure we own this content. We must take charge of collecting, creating and preserving stories from 1994 and the aftermath.

For example, video content is ALL done by Aegis Trust and it left me wondering, who owns this data?  

Rwanda Broadcasting Agency and Kigali Today have a journalist in every district, what would it take for them to collect and own the testimonies/stories from the genocide and the aftermath? This would be a great employment opportunity for the students at the Africa Digital Media Academy or InkStain who I know do this work. They’ve put together content for MsGeek and helped us put it online.They can be employed to do this and gain content development experience.

There’s an archive no longer working because donors stopped the funding. This was a project digitizing testimonies from Gacaca etc and it is not working today. This is also a missed employment opportunity.

The Peacebuilding School based at Kigali Genocide Memorial which needs content to use in schools both here and in other countries using the school’s model, is also funded by donor. What happens if they stop?

Today the memorial is funded and managed by Aegis Trust on behalf of the National Commission for the Fight against the Genocide thus the memorial staff are paid by Aegis Trust also funded by donors. What happens when funds are low – salary and staff cut? Those brave hearts, all of whom are survivors do it for the passion and because it must be done. While this is admirable, it is also concerning.  

Here’s what I think we can do:

  1. MINISPOC, MYICT, MINIJUST and MINEDUC take charge of digitizing content, collecting, producing and preserving audio/video testimonies from around the over 200 memorials across the country. Hundred of thousands of families visit them each year – we can begin to give them an opportunity to share.   This information can be housed in our data center which is still largely unused.
  2. We begin monthly/quarterly/annual contributions to a fund activities aimed at preserving the memory of our loved ones. If each working Rwandan at here or abroad have RwF 100 or more per quarter, we’d have money to fund all activities.
  3. Create employment opportunities for survivors and others to do the work. I’m sure this is a task which will take years and can inspire more opportunities to create paid work.

Would you join in the effort to ensure all content is designed, developed and owned by Rwandans? This is a good and powerful Made in Rwanda opportunity. Will you join in making it happen?


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Great is your mercy towards me…

Your love and kindness towards me

Your tender mercies I SEE

Day after day. 

Forever faithful towards me

Always providing for me

Great is your mercy towards me

Great is your GRACE. 

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#CollectiveSuccess: The winning way to Lead.  

When you watch the President’s speech and hear him emphasizing #CollectiveSuccess:-). 

May this spirit be cultivated in every institution/organization, public or private so our children find a better working environment.  

Yes we can chart a positive culture in our society rooted in #CollectiveSuccess and it starts with each one of us, especially we in managerial positions.  

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